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Wiinnertag Forums is closed.

Sorry guys, it was a good run, but I think it is better to close the forums now.

Unfortunatelly, the spammers are all over it, and always get back, even if I delete and ban them. As I don't have any time, or anybody to help me to manage the forums, they are useless for anybody looking for help as of now, and also I can't, for particular reasons, investigate and take proper measures that would solve it.

Changes on Facebook integration and other changes...

Hi All!

Thanks for your continuous support to WiinnerTag.

Don't ever think that "I'm dead" or abandonned the project, it is active. I continue to support it on the forums and etc =)

There was two big changes that happened to WT these times:

VIP user register is open! [+lots of changes]

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Hi All!

After some time without posts in the home page, I think that now its the time to do it.

First, sorry, but I didn't posted before because I'm giving priority to the forums, that had a good post count these days. Thanks guys!

As you know, I had to change the server to a VPS. The result is very good! There is absolutely no errors from then, and with the "source rebuild" on WT scripts, the costs are not as much as expected (thank God!).

To sum up the latest changes:

USB Loader GX officially supports WiinnerTag

Hi All!

I have enormous pleasure to share this news with you. The user "aaroncito12345" stated in a case request that was opened a long time ago that USB Loader GX added support to WiinnerTag in the latest build.

Server moved! - VIP users welcome!

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That's it people, it was inevitable. Half of the requests to WT was resulting on "Internal Server Errors" and "Page not found", and that was occurring also with tag updates.

Well, I needed to move the website to a Virtual Private Server, and I'll receive a quote from my host based on the activity for this week. Next Wednesday I'll know how much it will cost.

The good part is that now I have almost a dedicated server for WT, with no shared resources, so it should be absolutelly stable now.

Facebook, NeoGamma, bugfixes and all...

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Oh my, what a week!

Even if I had almost no time for myself, there are a lot of minor improvements here @ WT.

- Facebook integration: When a game is loaded, it is posted automatically in user's wall. Needs to be enable under "Customize your tag" page.

- Backgrounds fixed: There are a lot of minor errors in some backgrounds that prevented them to work. If something like this happens again, let me know!

Rankings, new backgrounds, and minor fixes

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Hi all!

I'm implementing some new features for WT, hope you like:

- Most played games: Can be found in left menu. It features some filter and group criteria.

- Individual most played games: In the users profile page it shows the TOP 10 played games of the user

- Member list: Another item in the left menu. It shows basic information for the user, and it's a shortcut for a user profile page.

Integration WiinnerTag -> Twitter =]

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Another day comes, and another feature goes live in WiinnerTag! =]

Now you may enable Twitter integration, and doing so, every game you play will automatically tweet a message.


Forum configured accordingly

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As some have already seen, we now have a forum! You can open it by clicking on WiinnerTag Forum item on left menu.

To the visitors, some updates. FINALLY I found the configuration section for the forum, so now it looks much more like a forum.

Visit, post, give your opinion! =]



Last changelog

Lots of things are happening in WiinnerTag since my last update...

- Finally I've zeroed my basic "To-do list"; So I installed a ticket system to the website, where you can ask for new features or report issues.

- Also:

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