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Facebook, NeoGamma, bugfixes and all...

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Oh my, what a week!

Even if I had almost no time for myself, there are a lot of minor improvements here @ WT.

- Facebook integration: When a game is loaded, it is posted automatically in user's wall. Needs to be enable under "Customize your tag" page.

- Backgrounds fixed: There are a lot of minor errors in some backgrounds that prevented them to work. If something like this happens again, let me know!

- "Default background when registering": When a new user register, there was an error that, disregarding of the background selection, one was selected as default.

- Backgrounds added: New backgrounds added! Thanks do MasterMo and WhydoWhy from GBATemp.

- Wiiflow updated: New version in the downloads page! It looks like it is in japanese, but I had to change it because it was crashing to some users. Remember to change the language! If somebody has a new version in english, let me know =]

- NeoGamma: Finally a compatible version! Available in the downloads page.
I think that's it! Still this week I'll try to finish gamerscore (it's in dev tests as I'm talking to ya!) and complete the information on the tags (some are missing loader and flag, etc).

Thanks! Comment on forum what do you think about these changes! =D



Que semana!

Mesmo quase sem tempo pra mim mesmo, aconteceram várias pequenas melhorias aqui na WT.

- Integração com o Facebook: Quando um jogo é carregado, ele é postado automaticamente no mural do usuário. Precisa ser habilitado na página "Personalize sua tag".

- Backgrounds corrigidos: Alguns pequenos erros em alguns backgrounds estavam evitando que eles funcionassem. Se algo assim acontecer, me avisem

- "Background padrão quando registrar": Quando um novo usuário se registrava, havia um erro que, independente da escolha de background, um era sempre selecionado como padrão.

- Backgrounds novos: Novos backgrounds adicionados! 

- Wiiflow atualizado: Versão nova na página de downloads! Parece que está em japonês, mas tive que substituir a antiga porque estava travando com alguns usuários. Lembrem-se de trocar o idioma para usar =]

- NeoGamma: Finalmente uma versão compatível! Disponível na página de downloads
Acho que é só! Ainda essa semana eu estou tentando fechar o sistema de gamerscore (está em "dev test" agora mesmo!) e completar as informações nas tags (algumas ainda não tem ícones de loader, bandeira, etc).

Obrigado! Comentem no fórum o que acharam das mudanças! =D

sup lol i think we need an

sup lol i think we need an uloader that really works with winnertag

I'm a new user, but thank you

I'm a new user, but thank you for your work! It's absolutely brilliant! Oh, and great work with you drupal site ;)

Hi. I would LOVE to thank


I would LOVE to thank you for this.... it's soooo cool!!!!!!!!  Keep up the good work my friend.





Muito bom! Vou fazer o tuto

Muito bom! Vou fazer o tuto do Neogamma la no Wiisos :)

This is something that can be

This is something that can be worked on. Please open a case request (side menu) describing exactly what you expect of this feature, so I can remember this tomorrow (need to sleep!). 

PS.: Typo fixed for future Facebook posts!


Ha, this site is cool. I

Ha, this site is cool. I fanilly can do it now with Wiiflow now update you put! Thanx for that!! By the way, how/where can I get my HTML for my WinnerTag?

Oh my, what a stupid typo

Oh my, what a stupid typo XD.

Thanks for letting me know! =]


Whoo, Facebook. Finally. Good

Whoo, Facebook. Finally. Good stuff Daileon.

Guess I found a bug though. It says create your wiinntertagx for whatever reason.

Daileon as always i thank you

Daileon as always i thank you for all your effort, tnks to you we are able to use this sweet system. Keep up the good work dude!