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Server moved! - VIP users welcome!

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That's it people, it was inevitable. Half of the requests to WT was resulting on "Internal Server Errors" and "Page not found", and that was occurring also with tag updates.

Well, I needed to move the website to a Virtual Private Server, and I'll receive a quote from my host based on the activity for this week. Next Wednesday I'll know how much it will cost.

The good part is that now I have almost a dedicated server for WT, with no shared resources, so it should be absolutelly stable now.

The not-so-good part is that now I'll REALLY need VIP users to help to pay for the server (I'll not host on an amateur service, thanks).  Now WT is having something on the house of a million of page requests per month (that's a lot for a shared service), and lots of concurrency, I don't have anywhere to run.

So, as I finish the customization on twitter and facebook messages, the VIP registers are opened. I'll talk to the background creators to close some of them to VIP only, and will post in the forum before to "close" them to other users. The Mii editor is doing good, but I'll need to escalate it correctly before the tag integration.

If anybody wants to announce in the WT pages, feel free to contact me! I'm cheap as much as I'm desperate lol.

What will happen if not enough $$ arrises? I don't have an option. If there are no VIP registering, or no advertisers, then I'll need to reescalate (downsize) WT, remove some resources for the common users, close registrations, remove ALL resources for the common users, close or sell WT at all, don't know yet. I know that my current finances can't bank it.

How to register? Just do a donation of, or above 5 USD! In PayPal comments, say your username and I'll set your status as VIP..

Any doubts?

Thanks for all, and sorry about this!

Thanks for the support =)

Thanks for the support =)


Just to let you know I'll try

Just to let you know I'll try to donate a little each month, I'm sure it will help.


Many thanks

No no... You are a VIP

No no... You are a VIP already =].


PEOPLE! Twitter and Facebook customization already available for VIPs. =)

Gimme feedback!


I just donated and I forgot

I just donated and I forgot to include my username. Do you need to Paypal ID or anything?

Accounts updated! Twitter

Accounts updated!

Twitter customization is looking good, now I just need to put the things together to release it publicly.


Thanks people! Later I'll

Thanks people! Later I'll update your accounts accordingly =]


Donation Made :)

Donation Made :)

I have also donated. :-)

I have also donated. :-)

Hi. I don't know how to do


I don't know how to do it without PayPal. I know you can do it using Western Union or Xoom, but don't know if this can help you. Let me know if you need another info.


Hi i´m from argentina and

Hi i´m from argentina and don´t have credit card, how can i support winer tag from here? because I want to donate, thanks.

Ok people, now I think I can

Ok people, now I think I can talk safely about the price quotes, since Dreamhost has a minimum price for VPS and since my last "rebuild" of WT code, thank God it is enough for WT even at weekends. I've also removed the VPS for the database, since it looks like it wasn't needed. It may suffer a bit, but don't compromise the project.

So, technical steps aside, it will be needed around 80 VIP users, or some advertivers (if anybody know one, please contact me!) to maintain WT for an year. With the current VIP user registers it will be enough for a month. I'll create a "donation meter" to help this view.

Thanks for your support! I hope that when I submit the latest features (twitter and facebook personalization), this number can get up a bit, but I don't know if enough for another month or more, so I'll start to think about another server move (anybody recommends a cheaper VPS?), or other ways to solve this.


That's it for now!


Your sign?  Are you talking

Your sign?  Are you talking about your Tag?  Try using the proper coding!  LOL  :)

donation made  saludos

donation made 

saludos daileon

nvm fixed

Thanks!! You're a VIP user

Thanks!! You're a VIP user now =]


Hope everything works out for

Hope everything works out for you Daileon.=) I would like to help, but I'm just a kid with no access to a Credit/Debit Card. =( Hope you get enough donations, it may help if you have a donations bar, though that might cause server strain.=/

Thanks for your support,

Thanks for your support, people!

I've set your accounts properly =]


just did my part! hope it

just did my part! hope it helps the cause:)

Donation sent. ;) Glad I can

Donation sent. ;) Glad I can help you! :D I understand how expensive VPS are.

Hope everything goes fine for Wiinnertag. ;)


Greetings from Staff!

I am PETERPANh4x, a known Wii hacker. I am the owner of, an Online Gaming and Modding Community.

This is my YouTube Channel: PETERPANh4x

I just made my donation ^^

I just made my donation ^^ thank you :P

Ah! I see! Well thanx

Ah! I see! Well thanx man!

I'll love to support WT too but I don't have any paypal account :/

@Swissendo and

@Swissendo and cloudskipa:

Both of you are VIP now! Thank you SO MUCH! Really!


Don't feel guilty, help is appreciated if you can, if not, don't worry, find somebody that can do it for you! lol


Thanks guys!


Donated 8$ :).

Donated 8$ :).

Just donated, thanks

Just donated, thanks

daileon - I would love to

daileon - I would love to support WT as much as I can but due to my financial lack luster (I've been unemployed for over 2 years), I'm lucky enough to have a single dollar in my wallet (and that's no joke).  Just spent $75 yesterday to renew both my driver's license and license plate tags and in less than a month and a half, it's Christmas (and that's tough as it is).  I support WT by posting my WT in almost all of my signatures on other sites and visit here every single day (some times twice to three times a day).  I'd hate to see something like this go so fast and/or even cut back on the things that are available now to us common users of WT but I do understand your situation as well.  I hope that you can figure things out soon and nothing gets lost in the process.  Thank you daileon for everything that you have done with WT!

No no, anybody can exhibit

No no, anybody can exhibit the coins on the tags. Just enter in the "Customize your tag" website and choose to exhibit your Gamerscore.

VIP achieve more coins in less time =]


So I'm guessing people who

So I'm guessing people who are VIP's have the coins in their WiinnerTag?


donation made! i am now a VIP

donation made! i am now a VIP user!

 1st wiinnertag user!