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Ranking - Most Played Games

Pos. Game Name RegionGame ID Cover Play #
1041Nicktoons MLBNTSC-USNIE54104
1042Sakura Wars So Long, My LovePALSAKPNS104
1043Sesame Street Elmo's A-to-Zoo AdventureNTSC-USS3EWR104
1044Sid Meier's Pirates!NTSC-USIDE54104
1045Deadly CreaturesPALRDCP78103
1046Disney Sing It Family HitsNTSC-USDFE4Q103
1047Legend of Spyro Dawn of the DragonNTSC-URO8E7D103
1048Medal of Honor Heroes 2PALRM2P69103
1049Resident EvilNTSC-UGBIE08103
1050Squeeballs PartyNTSC-UR6YEXS103